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Top 10 Yoga Podcasts For 2019

Being a freelancer yoga & physics trainer in London means I spend a fair amount of time travelling from client to consumer. Listening to yoga podcasts is my favourite factor to do to remain entertained on the highway! That is an absolute gem of a podcast and I’m so blissful I stumbled across it. Peter Ferko is a senior yoga instructor at ISHTA Yoga in NYC, an artist and creator.

click-and-see additional information here of yogic scriptures and philosophy shines by in every episode, covering topics like the yamas and niyamas, happiness and meditation. Peg Mulqueen interviews senior Ashtanga yoga teachers from all around the world. is completely different and it at all times feels very genuine. Peg does an awesome job of playing the scholar and asking all the questions you’d want to ask an skilled trainer. J. Brown doesn't shrink back from a controversial yoga dialogue!

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He presents real and diverse discussions with yogis from many various traditions. could possibly be anything from yoga teachers’ pay to the abuse scandals in latest yoga culture. Not particularly about yoga, however Dan Harris revealed a e book of the same title in 2014 and it was the first thing that inspired me to strive meditation for my anxiety, so I've adopted his podcast since its beginning. He interviews world-leaders on the matters of meditation, mindfulness, and common wellbeing. about the subject -hearted, yet superbly helpful series of conversations about incomes cash as a yoga teacher.

I typically discover these kinds of enterprise podcasts/groups a bit too “in-your-face”, but Amy MacDonald does a fantastic job of sharing down-to-earth, simple ideas for altering your money mindset and really making an honest living from educating your ardour. Purple Valley is a ravishing Ashtanga retreat centre in Goa, operating intensive retreats with senior Ashtanga teachers from everywhere in the world.

site on this topic have an awesome YouTube channel run by Stu Girling (anatomy guru extraordinaire) and their podcasts are mainly just audio recordings of the videos, however it really works really well. Find loads of nice content on asana, anatomy, muscles and fascia. They haven’t added any new ones lately but there’s lots to keep you going for a while!

This podcast is created by the Miami Life Center, the studio owned by Kino MacGregor & Tim Fieldmann. They invite guests on to talk about “yoga methodology and traditional philosophy in an approachable framework that's relevant to modern day living”. more information like how diversified the friends are on this podcast.

There have been some actually useful recommendations on teaching yoga recently, however I’ve additionally enjoyed their episodes on nutrition, chakras, even some astrology! Hale Pule is a yoga & ayurvedic therapy/schooling centre on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Expert ayurvedic practitioner (and founding father of Hale Pule) Myra Lewin provides great advice and practical tips on how to include ayurvedic practices into on a regular basis life. is such a smart and type teacher with an amazing deal of experience to share on ayurveda, yoga and life basically! Triyoga is one in all London’s largest yoga studios with all sorts of well-known yogis passing by way of to teach workshops and trainings.

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